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The DoGreen Project

Spring 2020 (Revised In 2022)


Literature Review

Competitive Analysis

Stakeholder + User Interview

Ethnography Research


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Chenyu Ding

Chenxi (Regina) Mao

Emilia Matarese

Kaanchi Chopra

In the United States alone, dogs produce over 10 million tons of waste every year, much of which is disposed of incorrectly. This seldom-considered source of pollution can pose threats to both human and environmental health.

With very few sustainable solutions available to this growing problem, our team created The DoGreen Project, a systematic, biology-based solution to waste management in urban dog parks. Through anaerobic digestion & the conversion of biogas to electricity, we can harness the power of microbes to create energy from waste, energy that is then used to grow microgreens in the urban landscape as a reward for participating in waste collection.

This project, representing RISD, entered the Biodesign Challenge competition held in 2020.

Featured on RISD news.

background + Current Dog Waste Management Methods Face a Lot of Problems
how to encourage people to pick up ?
How to guarantee the proper use of management equipment?
Is there a way to expand the management system, making it both more sustainable & desirable?
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Stakeholder Mapping
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system design
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branding & display
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bird eye view rendering
close up rendering1
close up rendering2
close up rendering3
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Pioneer Project Location
Critique & Reflection
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