VR app design

HUHU(虎虎) Hood

spring 2021


Literature Review

Competitive Analysis

Rapid & Digital Prototyping

AR Interaction Development


Adobe CC (Ps, Ai, Ae, Xd)

Spark AR

Cinema 4D

my roles





Individual Project

During the COVID-19 era, children are required to wear PPE to protect themselves. However, children's PPE is often neither comfortable nor attractive, making kids reluctant to the safety PPE can bring them.

In Chinese traditional culture, newborns will be given a Tiger Head Imitation Cap from their grandmothers or aunts. Originating from totem worship in old times, the cap represents the elders' blessing to the younger generation, hoping they grow strong & healthy like tigers. It could be considered as a very early stage of PPE.

Therefore, with the AR customizing service, the HUHU Hood is created to bridge the function & the heritage, forming a new way to both care about the children & our tradition.

Click here to customize your own HUHU Hood

background research
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modeling & coding
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